Zartaj Gul

Zartaj Gul, who ended the 50-year-old Rajya Lohari family
There is something special in Zartaj Gul Akhund because it is not easy to defeat the powerful Lariari family of Dera Ghazi Khan in Punjab.

The 34-year-old daughter of a parent belonging to North Waziristan received her education from Lahore and then joined voluntary volunteers in TTP.

After marriage, he and his husband Imran Khan's supporters became supporters. He first won the election from DG Khan in 2013, but lost in 2013. In the 2018 election, Imran Khan gave 42 women the opportunity to contest the elections from national and provincial assemblies. Gill was from here, but this time he was even more determined to win.

On July 25, National Assembly seat NA 191 (Dera Ghazi Khan) won Zia-e-Azam Laghari from Zartaj Gul-e-Nifty by winning 25 thousand votes. Apart from this, only Ghulam BB has succeeded only on the seat of National Assembly from PTI.

The impressive point of this victory is that former Federal Minister for Energy Oasis Khan Leghari was successful three times from this circle. His father Farooq Leghari was President Pakistan.

Zartaj Gul had initially estimated that it would not be easy for him to succeed in this circle that is divided between different tribes.

Dr. Nazir Ahmed of Jamaat-i-Islami was successful in the NA-191 in 1970, but since that constituency, the Lariari family has always been successful.

The number of registered voters in the ring was 3 million 80 thousand, in which 44 percent were women. Most of the women and constituencies of urban areas, Zartaj Gul, who had played a strong election campaign. He went home and requested to vote for the development and basic needs.
On the other hand, Oasis Laghari had to face criticism for not coming to the last five years. In a video that wired on social media, the people surrounded the Oops of Laghari's brothers, who were candidates from the Dera Ghazi Khan of the N League.

A young man had to say in the video where you were in the past five years? In whose response he gave a vote to his vote so much.

The person who talked about GeoTV said that there was no gender in the eyes of voters in NA 191. A shopkeeper voted for Kajjj Gul that he wanted to vote for a new face. .

He said that we have been bringing power to the same family and they did nothing for us. So we decided to make a change in 2018.

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