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Due to the fall in Pakistan's gray list, it is cheaper than some action-makers, the World Bank
Alongo, the World Bank's Country Director for Pakistan, said that Pakistan needs more steps to prevent money laundering and tire financing, a decisive action will be taken in the coming months, Pakistan has come back to the fall list Some actions were cheap in practice.

Talking to the World Bank's Country Director, Pakistan Pitchamothu Alongo, expressed these views while talking to Geo News's representative Ejaz Syed in Islamabad.

He said that Pakistan had come with National Action Plan a few years back, which had 26 actions, is going on ahead. Pakistan was once a fallen list ago, now he has fallen on the gray list as it afforded cheap action to implement some actions. The Pakistani economy is facing opposition today.

Alongo further added that we all know that the new government has also acknowledged that urgent measures are needed to strengthen the economy, the World Bank is ready to support the government to strengthen the economy, they should Make those policies and work on which the economy is fast on medium-term basis so that it can come on a steady way.

In response to a question regarding the arrival of another group of FAF in Pakistan, he said, "It is not appropriate for me to decide on the FFF and Asia Pacific Group how they will come and who Will look like '.

He said that the best thing is to start importing all the actions on which you agreed on implementation and you will see the progress of resolving these issues. I think more steps are needed and there is a need to take decisive action in the coming months.

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