Why do we feel thirsty

Recently, American scientists found out why in the depths of mice, every living person thirsty while eating food, and why cold cold water thirst easily on such a occasion? They have discovered that the diet Within food, a specific 'thirsty circuit' of brain cells within the vineyard moves and closes with low temperature inside the mouth.

This brain cells are also active in the case of water shortage due to lack of water. Thus, the new discovery shows faster response, which can predict future water requirements. Scientists wondered how the thirst was activated so fast in humans and animals.

The senior author of the research, Zakaria Knight of the University of California, says: "All the creatures, including humans, have brain cells inside the blood, which cause thirst in the form of more saline in the blood. But the daily process of drinking water moves very fast, so it could not be explained by the old model. "
For example, we drink water, thirst is shattered. Dr. Knight says it means that thirst does not produce water as a response to water balance, but also it controls the amount of water itself. This research has been published in the scientific journal of Nature. How the ability to predict the lack of water inside the brain.

To know this, scientists team reviewed genetically-modified mice 'activities. Within the thirst-control section of these mice, when a particular type of cells are active, it becomes bright. This means that the team could record using fiber optic when the rat was in different experimental conditions. Or how much the brain cells are active.

When the rat is thirsty, a specific part of their mind 'SFO' becomes very active. As soon as they drink water, the activity of this part is considered as a result. Similarly, when the mice eat, the 'thirst circuit' becomes bright, even though there is no change in their blood during this period. SFO cells are affected by conditions related to mice.

Dr. Knight told reporters: "After getting the signals coming out of the stomach during the meal and drinking, this activity goes downstairs fast." He also said that even the unusual thing was recorded? Heat effect. "Cool water closes cells faster. In fact, we have seen that without the water supply, cooling the mice without functioning reduces the functionality of thirst cells. The temperature is also a signal on which they react.

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