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Genes wearing jeans and seduction of 'illness'
Many news and statements are coming up in recent times regarding gender-related students or girls, and we can also hear the ban on wearing girls' jeans from different universities, and in March this year, the Punjab government The teacher also prohibited wearing the teachers' jeans.

 In the past few years, the National University of Science and Technology, National Textile University of Faisalabad, GC University Faisalabad, Fast National University Islamabad, Canaded College and other such big educational institutes wear students' jeans based on various reasons But the news is being banned. It is reasonable. Wearing a girl's jeans means that she is 'westernized ideas'.

But it is not like the West tolerates cold drinks. Western Western nations have also raised their voices against it. East German's "Ba'amat government" has banned Jain for a long time. Thus, education institutes and disks were prohibited to wear jeans. Communist leaders of the Communist Party said that the jeans would wear only those who would be guilty of criminal and impartial intelligence.

India is also banning the jeans. The Patna-based Mahila College has banned the girls' jeans. Panchayat, a village in Aagara, has decided to stop drinking alcohol and gambling centers by wearing girls' jeans. Kerala, a professor, has highlighted his reign. Prof. Rajth Kumar, Professor of Sciences, has told that women who wear jeans and shirts, instead of ordinary children, they produce khawaja and that is why the number of salaries in Kerala has been 6 million.

If jeans have been banned from eastern Germany to India, we should not be behind them, because it is 'a matter of injustice', but the problem is what the students wear in place of the genes? It is better that the students should be encouraged to wear our traditional clothes.

Pajamas can be used in all types of fashion. There are several types of it. Girls who like open dresses can wear wings pajamas of earrings style. Those girls who like tight clothes dressed in the body wear a wide pajamas. Then there are various lunar and other types of colorful beverages available from the hand. In the genes there are just two colors and the design is one of all. In contrast, how much value is there in the pajamas. Due to these reasons, modern designer dresses have traditionally developed pajamas instead of jeans or shovers.

It has been observed that some students wear wallets of very expensive clothes, which do not require curtains to be fulfilled, it is better to set up guidelines for pajamas after finishing the ban on the jeans.

First, the pajamas should be thickened. Whether it is cotton, but is so worried that it is not possible to see it across the globe so that it can be avoided. Apart from this, a big problem in student students is that they have time to decrease and usually on one side, they usually suffer from anxiety, but they also have to wash once after wearing them. It should also be noted on this issue.

We have seen a blue and black cotton linen cloth in the market. Whether the woven pajamas are not filled throughout the month, it looks absolutely clean and its iron is not too bad. It is better to use it instead of hanging for pajamas. Some students are less comfortable using handbags. For their convenience, pockets can be placed in the pajamas of this thick cloth, in which they keep their money and mobile etc.

We hope that the use of chubby fabric, in which pockets, buttons and belts are present in this modern fashion will result in the endlessness of the society. Students will not be deserted and they will wear visual evidence made of chubby fabric according to their tradition, not only from the time they will provide visual proof of orientation of oriental ideas, but also university authorities will get rid of this helplessness. They will be suffering from seeing the girls dressed in jeans.

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