Wales and ministers

Art, Wales and ministers
In ancient times, Indian and Pakistani cinema were stuck, but the successful formula was that when poor and oppressed heroes became rich enough at the end of the film, she would have been continuously oppressed for three hours for a short time. Mother's heart turns in moments. He would have been willing to forgive his mistakes by murmuring heroin. Heroin is a good heart only, and her heart also passes away, and after some few words spoken by stepmother, she would have forgiven her heart and embraced him.

We remembered this scenario of old movies by watching a real movie running on a social media, in which one of the role of stepmother, one of our roles, has been wondrous that the movie is breaking the window despite a lot of strap formula. . The fantasy of this movie is that the entire film rotates around their role. Perhaps this is because the authors and directors of this film are themselves. Although the rest of the characters do not appear on the screen in the whole movie, the perfection on the stage of the plakque has shown such a fantasy of the characters that they may not even act as an act of performing such an act as per their performances.

Although a superstitious one gives us all the permission that 'unbelief, disbelief', but what matters is not a pornography of disbelief. Minister Namdar did not make any untoward movements, in his mirror of mirror, he expressed his face to face many sexual abuse killings of this untouchable society.

The 'homemade full statement' of the fascism that they had been engaging with enthusiasm was a home-made homework. In this case, it is not permissible for her hard work and grand observation. The amazing thing is that the minister met the artists sitting in the Grand Hall, the most talented people of the community. Also, the director of the pockets for a few seconds in the background, it was difficult to find out from his Debbie's smile that he was smarter or convinced, or grieved by his government's job.

When the first episode of the film was released on social media, the same effect was about the role of the writers about the wrongdoing movie in the film. The film's biggest success in the film is that it is a curse that how much the hatred is available to the audience. In this sense, if the Minister saw the role of the Chief Minister in a profitable manner and wrapped the film in the end of the film, namely, not only one but the two heroes, apologizing. But regret that the viewers saw it as a real role rather than a film role and they are not willing to give the villan forgiveness.

Now, if you see it as a real issue, the matter is very serious. The mirror of this matter can be seen in the mirror of the entire society.

Art is not good in itself or bad! This is just a power, which can clip the use of both the creator and the viewer. Society can also be settled by the power of art and destruction. Sadly, the unbelievers who understand the strength of the arts as the rivals of divine, taking up the fables against him, but do not know that the power is not over, yes, there is a distinction, and the strength that is the human being. I'm dirty. No one teaches the child to dance, but on the lyrics of any song it looks uncomfortable. There are signs for the evildoers. Yes, if anybody thinks well.

Consider the artists are legitimate children of civilizations. If the decent people take them out of the house then the blind Manash will adopt them, and then it will be the dream that is coming to us.

We are not ready to honor music, not movies, nor theaters, but it is not possible to even deny the nature of nature. Such a sense of guilt in our thinking is logical. The old worker of a group of group members of Hitler, who is considered Idol, is expected to have a sense of wisdom about the delicate and third-class relationship of society and arts. Yes, there is a hope that perhaps this issue should open a serious analysis of this matter.

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