US TV chief resigns on sexual harassment
New York: Lewis Moones, head of the US TV network, who faces sexual harassment in Me-To-Campaign on Social Media, resigned from his post.

According to the International News Agency, 68-year-old Chief Executive of the American Television and Radio Network 'CBS' executive has been resigned by several female employees for sexual harassment.

According to company sources, the CEO CBS Lens Moonways company has been waiting for its investigations till the investigation has been completed. As soon as the investigation is completed, Joseph Lanei will take the CEO of the Coal Company.
The first allegation of sexual harassment against the CEO of CBS was in July when the women shared sexual harassment on the media by Means Whisper in 1980 through Me Tash-Tag on social media.

A producer and a writer linked to the television network also gave an image proof against the CEO, while more than 6 women accused of sexually harassment against Les Moonne recently.

The US media force, Vivid person, Manes, denied the allegations of sexual harassment against her, saying that women are accusing him for getting cheap reputation. These are very tragic allegations.

It is clear that the social media run-to-to-tech campaign was launched by the leading women of International Shuboz, which described sexually harassment incidents. Seeing it became a hedgehog trend. After which many personalities had to resign.

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