The trashes will go to bed
Do you live in Karachi? If yes, have you ever seen an asset? Colorful wings, floral flowers and plants? Have you ever made an argument by putting a vessel on your hand? Or have you left your hand by sitting in the plants and shaking your face on your hand is sitting on your hand to knife?

 It is a big movie or a dream of a dream, but know that today, it was possible to be around fifteen twenty years ago or near it. We have been feeding trousers from childhood, if their colors appear on the toes, they would show each other, but I do not remember that the generation born in the last fifteen years has been seen fair, or if you see it, you have played it.

 I do not know whether the tricks are completely disrupted in Karachi or any other reason, but it is sure that this masterpiece of power is angry with that city. I remember that many times in the morning, when the feet of the feet of his lunar were buried on the ground grass, he did not know where a tattoo of a trumpet seemed to shrink around me.

 I would have already wasted wet in my hand in wet water. I would go ahead with Hathly and sit on my hand three times, while waiting for my turn around the rest of my patience and shouting around me.

On the other hand, I had pieces of bread-rotten bread, or cooked rice, which I put under the mango tree and then waited for the hammer to sit on the tree. There were two or three hippers who did not wait for the day and waiting for me. Fly on the go, but clean the hands on rice.

 If bouncing was bouncing and hit each other in more romantic mode, putting a neck in each other's neck, rubbing the clutches but did you ever see the hood?

Play with these styles, identity of Hedgehog, watering the plants, keeping the flowers fresh, stirring in the car, walking on the naked foot, my grandfather taught me.

 They used to say that these are all the ways of expressing love to power. I never understood, never came, but it was necessary that I had become habitual of all these things, and when I opened my eyes early in the morning, Arrive

My grandfather taught me to hang out of the trees, there is also a reminder in the trees. The older, the old tree will feel as if it hit "the fire" as if someone feels like a senior chest.

  Its rooftop must be roughly shattered but the shades are very cool and shuffle, as it is necessary to go near it to share the experience of a elder and a cow. Similarly, it is necessary to approach a tree to know about it.

 The arrival of insects on the tree suggests that the fruit is coming, or it needs fertilizer, then lift the head from the bottom and then the structure of the branches estimates its group.

 It is not science but it is more tested than science, because it has more love than logic.

 Have you ever been hiding with some elderly person? If not, if you get a chance, this love will definitely take a lot of experience or otherwise the trousers will go back and you will leave dance in your courtyard. You only have to recognize the colors that walk on TV that will make you feel comfortable, who shop on shops.

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