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Regarding the heat of the sun, we have been studying for a long time that its heat is passed continuously, with a strong degree of intensity which has been unbearable for the world. This heat did not Only our glaciers melting, but for centuries, freezing ice reserves also end up so intensely that there is also a fear that even in the coming days, drinking water will be available to the world in the coming days or not. It will not be such that the next wars will be fought on water which now seems to be going on very soon.

The heat of the sun where our limits are known, our experts are aware of it, our people, the general people are also experiencing its resurrection and therefore, the hazards caused by the lack of water in the world. It has also been well-esteemed.

Our geological and scientific experts are not behind anyone in this situation, they often estimate many risks. These experts have been stating for a long time that the fastest and hotest rays of the sun are burnt up to our planet and because of their devastation, if they are trying to live on earth, There are also issues of survival of other archeology.
Along with this, it has also been created that if the sun and sharp rays of the sun continue to pour out the wrath on the earth, then it is found on earth and found the fruits of millions of millions of human beings also burnt and burn Do not happen and in this case many people of food will arise for the qualified world.

The world is already experiencing food shortage, in the case when our crops will burn, or the intensity of heat will not be able to eat them, then what will happen to human beings? In this case, our geologists and scientists have long been worried that in some way, the green crops that grow on the earth should be protected, which are the most important and basic means of food for millions of our millions of land.

Let's say that experts specially insulted this issue and after mutual interaction they all agreed unanimously that if we do not allow the sun to reach the ground to keep the ground cool or say that There is no obstacle in the path of these hot radicals to reach the ground, if they can not reach the ground, not only will our land be safe, but also trees, plants and other items will also be protected, as well as The production of all will also increase, and food will also be available for those living in our world.

As our experts believe that in order to protect the Earth's intestines from disorders of the sun's rays and save the earth from the disorder of global warming, we must save it from sun and sun rays, after which It will be safe and cold, and the birth of many creatures that will not be the other. But some other experts have rejected this idea, they say that this strategy will not reduce the loss of crop yields.

Our experts say that indeed Solar Geo Engineering will reduce the temperature of the earth, after which heat strain or say that the heat due to heat will decrease but also Larger damage will cause photocyphysics to decrease or decrease.

This was stated during a research study in the University of California, Berkeley, California. During this study, attendants and participants were also told that airlines and aerospace experts had offered suggestions on reducing the severity and severity of the time that if sulfate insulin was injected into the upper atmosphere of the earth. So not only this upper air environment will be blocked, but the sunlight and its flames will also be scattered.

Which will reduce the global temperature and it may also increase the production of our crops, because in this case the heat of other heat is aggravating our tree plants and our crops and their production will continue to decrease. It is not only a major threat to cancer, but due to this, food shortage will create a very difficult and difficult situation.

These suggestions were given earlier and their benefits were also given, but a new study later showed that the decrease in heat will not benefit us from the benefits of which we It is expected, but rather it is likely to be averted loss. Experts say that preventing sunlight especially the path of the photosynthesis of the plants will also reduce or slow down which will result in the loss of the resulting damage due to the low temperature of the earth. And that production may be less or less, because it can destroy the Earth's atmosphere and its air-conditioned air.
Experts' team based on the analysis of the two voluminous explosives based on their analysis.

If these voluminous explosives could cool the ground due to the atmosphere of the atmosphere, then we can also engineize the insulus in the air under a goal, which can make our air cooler cool and we also have an unusual impact of climate change. Will be saved

On the other hand, during this discussion in the University, some experts also said that it would never have any good or positive impact on the production of crops, as they said it was a difficult task, but it was a waste Unless the effort is made. Sun rays or rings will not have any effect on it. An expert also said that when we make any kind of shadow above our career, it will really help us overcome this problem and our crops will grow better.

But on the other hand, it is also a fact that the trees and crops also need sun and its light or rays to grow, when blocking the sunlight will have negative impact on their production. They say it is in the same way as you try to experience such a patient for any treatment that you do not already have any knowledge or try to do a surgery of As a consequence, her life is also expected to go. Many unknown things are disturbed by every reasonable person and especially when it is of global policies, every person thinks about what I do, then whatever I do, before taking a decision Does not

During his long discussion, the experts also said that the best and appropriate way to protect the crops that grow on earth due to the acceleration of the sun and the heat of the sun is that we are our dearest and beautiful world. Protect carbon dioxide from fearlessness, after which our crops will also be able to produce better production, and it will also improve the quality of living on the planet, and they will come to safe lives and prosperous On the way, you can get rid of it.

This will be better for the future of our world, and it will also feel like peace of our earth. Some people also say that power has created the world under a system in which there is no right to interfere with human, if a person does so, many complications can lead to life survival on earth. It will be difficult, but the risks for the upside down will increase.

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