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Stephen Hawking's ideal life of a scientist
The fate also strangers with some people. He puts his legs in his feet so that he can not fly even after thousands. They tend to fly, work in getting a flying flight, and finding ways to heaven in the dresses of the sky, but their passion, passion, intention, enthusiasm, and madness keep pushing everything. . Because the destiny comes, and their feet are stuck in the ground.

But what does he tell about what he says and his courage and courage, and how does he study blood in his veins, but he does not present. The destiny puts them in their pistols. It is said that if a man gets caught in the zeal of the destiny, then the person is saved, even the angels are broken. The ability to fly is slab. Then he also plays a game like a man. What is the matter of the angels, these angels know, but we know that man is the owner of nature.

The feet are tied in the ground and they begin to fall on the stars. Nerves are nutritious, but its mind seems to be frozen. This game of fate and man's collision is very old. Perhaps it is released from the beginning and will continue forever. However, in this game we can still see that whenever the dental expression expresses its passion, it is the opportunity that a person smiles and says:
So Shab Afridi lamp off

Safal Afridi Afridi

If seen, the person's nature is the most odd and heartfelt nature. What can a person say here? This can be a man, just those who refuse to accept the problems, the destiny, the conditions of the situation, and are not willing to surrender. This guy's name is Stephen Hocking. Yes, the same Stephen Hocking, which was just a few days before the age of 76, left the world of elements with utility and convenience. This man faced thousands of temptations in this world. There was a lot of problems. Even the situations that make sense of life's negligence also came to him, but he showed the ideal level.

Complained to life and did not make any mistake with the people. He said, "I do not know what you are doing." This is the person who saw this world, its sun, moon, stars, planets, and astronomies with their deep and bright eyes that the universe smiled and started taking curtains in front of him. She started sharing in her secrets, and started telling her.

It is evident that the knowledge of secrets surrounding this universe, it was a surprise journey. It is then that when the disclosures of this journey come, then the recognition and importance of human consciousness is to be acknowledged. The human being is spreading to the extravagant extensions, in this universe, a person is seen in a vertical situation, his total occupation is just like a particle of sand in the desert and a distance of a river, and a drop of water in the ocean. . It is fine, but it should not be denied the fact that the consciousness of man is immersed, and the astonishing ability to emulate this universe is found in it.

It is a consciousness of man that enhances the barks in the desert and makes it capable of stirring the ocean, gives the way to distinguish the vacuum and stirred the heart of the mind and teaches the power to destroy the power of the mountains. This wisdom and insight of human beings prove to him as Ashraf. Despite the nervous nerve and disordered organs, it affects its power, power and power in this universe. Yes, the same person whose name is Stephen Hocking, performs such great acts of action from which they are upset with history. In the world of physics, the second half of the twentieth century from the second half of the 21st century runs its name again for the last few years. At that time, the desperate King of the Great and Extravagant King of the wonder and discovery of physics.

Stephen Hockey was born on 8 January 1942. From the time of birth, until the age of all she was a normal child like all other children. However, there were two aspects of his personality that emerged on his personality separately, one of his unusual intelligence and other senses. His heart was seen in education more than other children, especially science was his favorite subject. When he moved into the field of education, his heart was seen in physics, physics article. It was the result of its intimacy and intention in this article that her fellow students began to address her as saying Newton, Irene Stein and Professor.

Physics for higher education and the next whole life became special for this. In the physics sector, he studied there as far as he could. In the same field, he also performed the unusual work of research that after the seventh century Newton, he became the most respected in his field. He was well aware of the importance of his work in this sector. That's why sometimes there would be in the mood, unbelievable friends said in a statement that three hundred years later the stars of modern science were to shine my hands.

In 1974, when he was just 32 years old, he was a member of the UK's Royal Society in his physics, heart attack and research and research. His honor is that he became the youngest member of this society. We all know that people get an opportunity to get membership of the organization after doing an age and work. Apart from this, Stephen Hockey was honored as a member of the United States National Academy of Science. His education and research journey continued. People now started to see his work with attention and heartache. His research and investigation not only showed the evolutionary steps in this sector, but later on, the road to the worker was becoming torch.

Stephen Hawking was celebrated at Cambridge University in 1979, on the basis of the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, and lasted for thirty years 2009. This is the same position that Newton had served in 1663. Stephen Hawking was presented more than a dozen honorable degrees in the modern physics sector, and was awarded dozens of rewards and awards. Consciously it was acknowledged that after Ion Stein, she is the most important scholar and researcher of the physics sector.

The details of this world and its reality and endurance have changed in the light of its investigations that have provided information about the world of planets, stars, and blackhouses, in the open words. It is acknowledged that the human being of this covenant is breathing in a new world. It's not just a matter, but it's an accident. Because in this era science has changed human life experiences completely. To the extent that if compared to the world of just 50 years back, then the difference between earth and heaven will be seen in both.

Stephen Hocking, in 2007, when she was 65 years old, herself herself experiments on Newton's Gravity Theory. On this occasion, he went to the US through gravity, ie, "Weighing" the Flight. The experience of this experience, namely, suspended gravity, this experience of flying, became a gift of a year-old in her neck. Of course, he was very excited. However, it was believed that the work of this experience is not merely a gift for it, but this work will actually be the beginning of the journey, and the beginning of the human journey is a journey between the planets. It can be believed that how much he was involved in this universe and in man's actions and how to see the character.

This is the case of 1963, when he was only twenty years old, he was currently suffering from a disease called Motor Neuron. It was a strange disease and very few people were suffering from it. People who suffer from this disease often become disabled and apply to the bed. Their nerves are disrupted and their relationship with mind is disconnected. The physicians considered possible conditions of treatment of Stephen Hocking and tried to break the head to remove it from the illness of the disease, but there was something else written in the fate. He was not always merciful to Stephen Hocking.

Despite all the efforts of the therapeutic therapist, ultimately lost all the messengers of Stephen Hocking, and he acknowledged that he could not leave this intelligent and unbelievable man from the torture of this destructive illness. Then his life was estimated, and almost all the physicians thought that he would be able to earn a few years hard. Obviously, all this was very sad, but how good is it for the destiny. Who could handle Honey. The facts, however, are not so unwanted and painful, but they can not be denied. They have to do all the recognition. So, it was believed that Jabbar Pawja, of course, will take a very precious man, and will take it very quickly.

How strange that Stephen Hocking did not have a few years in contrast to these ideas, then spent more than half a century in this world. Her illness was a relief. It was not possible to stop it. Therefore, the process of disease continued. Soon Stephen hooked up the hacking hockey. He fell down to the bottom of the pepper, and went into disabilities. Even until he was transformed into a completely disabled and forced existence, he reached his wheelchairs. His body completely surrounded by his intentions and minds.

He was now like a lamb of meat, on the other hand, how much is it worth the breath of his breathing. The eyes and lights in mind were similar. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that the three capabilities were much better and more profitable. It should be said that power managed manually. Recognizing him in a way of physical disability, he had given a proportion of mental ability. Because his mind was not even more like ordinary humans, but was faster, vibrant and active than ever. He worked till the end of his life. This work was not syringe, but it consisted of a high degree of intellect and research, which used to be beneficial for physics and looked at it with respect. This work did not just show the name of Stephen Hocking, but also provided new angles and fields of work to others.

Of course, if he felt his illness on different stages of his life, he never wasted it. One place he wrote, people often ask me what do you feel by having a similar disease like the AIDS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)? My answer is that I do not think much about it. On one occasion, he said, "I try to spend my life as normal as possible, and I do not think anything about my disability, nor do I have any kind of remedies that this disease makes me work well." And if you ask me, I do not know what to do with you. Of course it is the style that Stephen Hocking not only gave the chance to live as long as a human being, but despite full disabilities, he also did the most academic research work that his name was always alive in the history of physics. Will be Once he said that my goal is straightforward and clean. I just want to understand this universe completely. I want to know why this is such, as it is and how well it is established?

The whole world believes that Stephen Hocking was completely disadvantaged to just a wheelchairs. Her body was no more than an illusion, but at this disadvantaged body, a strong and tremendous mind was completely alert and awake. This mind looked at this universe with great glamorous views, such as someone who sees love, love and greed. He used to think about his death. He used to consider how the universe came into existence, and how and how could it end? What is the reality of time and time? What does the quantum theory tell about this universe in front of us, and how does it show? They used to raise their questions. He would have been waiting for his answer.

He wanted to know that the slightest intersections that can not see the person's eyes on their own, they need shedding or instruments to see them, what is the status of this endless universe of their minorities and they How can the vast universe affect the universe? How did this universe come into existence and what forces are they in the hands of now and who are running it? It is such a similar question that keeps its bright and vibrant minds together. Stephen Hocking continued to think about all these questions, and used to meditate on the small planets of the universe to get their answer by carefully and carefully. The same quest should show that way and work as the people who did not even think of the world before.

Stephen Hocking married Jane Jane in 1965. This relationship was established for the fourth century, and then there was a rift in both. From this marriage three children born there. After the elaboration, she was married to Nurse Allen Mason, but she did not retain a long time, but also with the gravity and gravity, she also came up with accusations and allegations. Stephen Hawking denied the allegations of the nurse of the wife, but she did not want to talk to her more. The person is older or small, lesser and less than percentage of error can not be deteriorated. If there is a man, how should a man become an angel? Well, Stephen Hocking was also a human being - but a big man, and big people, are remembered with his own works.

The love story between Stephen Hocking and her first wife was later presented in a movie "The Theory of Avery Thing". The movie was released in 2014 and was successful. In this film, Reddy Eden played Stephen Hocking and earned Oscar awards for the best actor due to her acting actor. The biggest part of this film is that some people copy the statement that Stephen Hawking said that while watching the film, some moment came whenever I felt as if I really saw myself.

Apart from this, a hockey mate was also held in 2013 on hockey. It had a map of its daily real life. The theme of this postage mantri was based on the hockey sense that his life was very incredible and he felt that every day he could be the last day of his life, He tried to lose one moment, but he could get every moment better than his own. In this regard, he is seen using perfection in the moment of life.

Regarding his work and intelligence, Stephen Hocking was among the happy people who soon received reputation and honor and came to the bone height of the name. From the membership of the Royal Society, the United Kingdom and the National Academy of Sciences, the United States, to be held on the same position in the Cambridge University, which was once Newton Fies, one of the greatest honors in his honor and reputation Goes up However, it is true that this entire name now was limited to its own people and its own area. People belonging to science and physics did not know anything about it. Then there is an event. It is published in 1988 that the book "The Brief History of Time" is published, and just after seeing, its name takes place in four Dang Alam.

Now its reputation is not limited to the scope of science or physics, but ordinary people are also aware of it. In fact, Stephen Hocking in this book has described the ideas of science and physics of physics and the universe in such a manner that they have made a heartbeat and studyable study for the common people. Therefore, this book became internationally known as 'Best Seller', once again became its reader. His emphasis on the English class, he scored in his place, but also in many of the world's languages. Thus the reader's reader's wide range was broader.

Then, in 2001, the book "The Universe in a Knight Shell" came to light. This book certainly did not get such a big circle of readers and readers like this, but still it was featured. In 2007, Hocking, along with his daughter Lucy, published a book for children "George Secrets of the United Universe". In this, he explained his knowledge and mental level for the children, and explained that all these systems are solar, stars, planets, and black holes, and how they play in this universe system.

Apart from this, Stephen Hocking also acknowledged popularity among the most popular slides "Star Trekk - The Next Generation" and "The Simpsons". All these things can be estimated by means of life or living near Hocking. This was a positive attitude that due to which he had not allowed his life to be a sign of disability and compulsion, but proved to be successful, useful and meaningful in an example level. When she is leaving the world on March 8, 2018 she would have smiled and said to herself:
I enjoyed my life
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