The time when the color of the blond is old
It's just a matter of time ago when the hosting show hosted on a leading private channel of the country tried to give a new and unique twist to the ongoing competition. Now he tried this effort with the intent that perhaps he would be shattered by the praises of appreciation, but the matter was contrary, and the hosts and the show mentioned that there was severe criticism on the websites of social contacts.

The show host was resolving a 'big problem' of deep and gentle colored girls, and wanted to tell me what kind of makeup they should do on marriage and how should the singing be done? And what is the evil in talking about the serial color? But something happened that they made the skin's skin color more artificially darker to show the color of the cellola.

When the pictures came to the social media, the matter was that the colors of the hands were something and some of the faces while host hosted women had made their difficulty easier for girls.

Was this really 'easy' difficult? It was hard to find it difficult to have a new topic of dragging on this topic, to try to convince the audience that the color or color of the color is not important, but the education of the girl, contributing to the development of the country and its mental and physical skills Are there It is not a sign of civilization in any way to discuss the color, but with this' effort 'the peoples' desire to look deeply in the body of the majority of the society.

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to compete in the ability of our society to be a 'tricky'. Now mysteries like colorful taco are also in the market. Untouchable creams are available with new names, and girls are using these things in the name of color purification.

In many colors, many girls are in trouble, many people have kept it hard to say. If there is a chance for 'Son to bring a daughter-in-law to a daughter-in-law', then someone should have 'a piece of moon girl' and someone is demanding that 'Hassan is such a thing to be surprised'.

Really coloring is a drug that is available from the crocodile shop to the city's largest departmental store. One of the essential ingredients of these creams is steroid, which is a great result before using it, and the condition becomes darker in seven days, but as soon as it is left, the color becomes the same as before. And the compulsion has to be used by this, but as a result the damage to the skin is different.

The other thing is a bleaching agent, which is prohibited in the use of decent countries, but poor country citizens have to pay only color in cheap, whether it is expensive later.

The third thing is Mercury, which can be used to harm the kidneys. But if we leave the kidneys to work, we will always investigate how it happened. Or will the nutritious kidneys handle?

My question is: Can we ever get out of colorful problems? We live in the eighth century, it's a new era, it has its own requirements, but our majority is still a senselessness of deep consciousness.

But now that thought needs to be changed, the glittering color can not be a measure of completely testing a girl and her qualities, when the 'chest wrists' and 'blossoming time' will be old!

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