Refusal should be respected
Asma Rani, we would never have been aware if he was not killed. A few years later, he would be performing his duties as a capable doctor of his area, enjoying a happy life, came to be a Messiah but could not. How many dreams and dreams they were allowed to kill from his murder and heard them.

Someone likes you and you want to live with him, send his family relationship, but if there is a refusal, will you understand it as insult? If your ego gets hurt, does it mean that you kill this girl?

The fact is that the right to live with Asma Rani was snatched away. Even more importantly, take away the freedom of judgment from anybody you want. It can not be accepted that whatever you put on your hand, point to which you should be justified.

Before the assassination of Asma's murder, incidents of acute acid are coming out for a period of time. We have seen many cases where women were beaten up on their refusal to marry and their lives were destroyed.

The cruelty is that neither in our society nor the girls have the option to marry their own selves. If the girl gets married and likes to marry her, the name of honor is killed and if she refuses, even if a man is compelled by Anna's hands and takes away her right to live.

It is also a fact that men are not always involved in such crimes, but women also do so. A few years ago, a girl named Zenat in Lahore, her own mother had burnt alive while marrying a choice.

Hoha Shahnavazha of Kohat was also a self-sufficient girl, who was killed in an abusive crime. These are a few names and events that reached us through the media, but the number of girls suffering from such anxiety is far more than that because they do not reach news reports. Their importance is not more than the unfamiliar graves in the history of the graves, which are flying around. The story is told in the culprits and there is no room for these culprits.

We have made the principle that if a woman wants to stay in this society then she should become a thirsty person. If you win, Thirsta, which I am with HariP. '

We need to create a better society, where life is not a crime, life is not overwhelmed. A society where every human is the freedom to decide about its life and to acknowledge the right to refuse. It can be very easy to decide whether to unwanted in unwanted relationships. It is a serious crime to losing a relationship and to talk about it, considering it as your property and working with blackmailing on ways to hurt or killing.

It is not a happy feeling that even in the 21st century we are demanding the truth that was always ours, but neither was given the right nor was it favorable. This is the right to education, the right to freedom in choice of attire, the right to personalize, the right to live, the right to live, the right to choose life, the relationship between the one and the other Right to skip to learn.

The person does not want to repeat if he is right, but often he has to face. Because we do not know that the time of refusal is not less than the confession. The way the sex is not less than any other gender, in the same way, a woman refuses to deny anything, which is to be respected!

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