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When Rangon's broken belt was hanging on the last day of life in the last mughal king of India, Bahadur Shah Zafar Alam Kasparasi, he said very sensitively:

Four days had been brought from age-old demand

Two cuts were cut, two wait
In this time treatment facilities were inadequate. If a person targets a patient, then he will be loved soon. Today the quality of treatment has improved greatly. So in developed nations, it has become normal for the deadline to survive for years. If Bahadur Shah Zafar had lived in today's era, he would have to write in his poetry no four or six days.

Long lifespan is the dream of every human being since ancient times, leaving the elites. People who are enthusiastic about showing something in life ask for prayers for a long lifetime. Now science and technology also reached their help in the eighth century. During the last 17 th eleventh years, there have been wonderful revelations.

The senses of the cells are conscious

Science is a combination of thirty and forty trench cells. There are two major types of cells: the first that are naturally capable of dividing and those who are not divided. When the baby is packing in mother's womb, other types of cells form our main physical organs like brain, liver, spinal cord, leaves etc. When the baby is born, then the distribution process of these cells ends ... that is, cells are then split again and do not produce new cells. That's why, when our hearts, minds, liver etc. are harmed once, they can not be restored again.

The first type of cells continue to grow new cells in our body. For example, our skin is made of these cells. So when we get wounds on our hands or feet, it is gradually creating new cells and absorb it. So it gets smooth again. Our hair also goes down and leaves according to the same clay.

Science is now trying to discover scientific processes through which the second type of cells in the human body reactivate ... that they may create new cells of mind, heart, liver etc. Whenever such a scientific process is discovered, it will be an epicenter event. For example, if the second kind of cells begin to form new cells of our heart, brain and liver, with the help of a manually designed human body, The repair will be possible. It may be possible to make a newer version. The new episode will make it easier for humans to live for many more years. Thus, the level of human age will increase.

Recently, American-based research researchers, Gladstone Institute institutes four genes found in most of the genes including humans that begin to produce new cells in other types of cells. This unique process starts with the integration of four genes only. Experts are still trying to experiment with animals on experiments. After the success of the experiments it will be tested on human.

It is true that other types of cells in the body of the human body begin to re-activate the new cells, then the area will revolutionize the treatment. Millions of people around the world today live in heart, liver, brain diseases. The major reason for this is that these three nonsense can not be restored again. But other types of cells, they will be able to repair their accuracy, repair and repair of the affected areas of heart, brain, liver etc. Not only will the precious life of human beings save, but its age will also increase.

Unfortunately, the first type of cells do not continue to be distributed forever. Actually, a specific material is found on the edges of each cell called "tumomeres". Some of the old cells develop during the birth of some new cells. On the contrary, the old cell loses all its tumorrhea content and dies. At the same time, the number of cells in the first type of cells decreases and therefore the new cells also become lesser. Due to the lack of new cells, different human organs appear to be contraceptive. This process is called 'Uttarapha' in the alphabet general.

Aged efforts

Interestingly, every human is older at different ages. Most of the deadly people are called old for seventy years, while some hundred years cross the boundaries and become old. In the past, humans were aged for a hundred years long. However, the modernest man of modern era is Jennifer Kalment. This French woman was a "twenty-two-year-old" old age-old girl in 1997. Meanwhile, a Japanese woman, Ken Tanaka, has been honored as the world's most respected human being. She's a hundred and fifteen years old.

Experts say that modern science has proved, there is no definite extent of human age ... a human being can survive even for infinite time. Some such sciences are trying to prove this as an example. They have to create new creatures by the integration of the machine and human, which is not meaningful, so many centuries must remain alive. Theoretically this is possible when a human brain continues to live. As long as man's mind works, he will also live.

Therefore, in science, computer science and sensitive devices are trying to create an environment in which human minds can be kept alive and healthy. That is, when a human being is near to die, his mind should be transferred to the created computer environment. So technically he will live. Just her mind will be natural, restless body, hand hand foot etc. Moving one step forward from this saa, some Western science does not want to create a similar episode as well as the human mind even in the methodology. Whenever they succeed in their research and experiments, a man will create creatures.

Many specialists are trying to stop the process of growth in humans. Their focus in this regard focuses on the telecoms. These specialists want to find a way to increase the amount of material in each cell. Each cell will continue to produce new cells for infinite periods and the physical age of human beings will increase.

From the above information, it is important that thousands of science-based humans are living on research and experiments for the long-suffering of these people. It can take several years or a half now to get the fruit of your hard work. However, modern science has also discovered that man can keep himself in a special way by keeping himself in a special way ... as it is in man's own hands to increase his life for ten years.

That means, in terms of tall age and fitness, lifestyle for humans has also made a great deal. Experts say that the person who adopts this lifestyle as soon as possible, can raise his age as much as possible. As twenty-year-old youth adopts this healthy lifestyle, they will increase opportunities for survival for at least a hundred years.

Healthy lifestyle elements

Human life, which causes latitude age, contains certain elements or parts. The physician claims that if fifty-year-old man can adopt them, he can increase his age of 15 to 20 years. The main elements of this life are as follows:

* Do not smoke. This process affects our heart, liver and brain. It targets liver cancer. Destroy blood drains. He spoiled the blood that reaches blood to the brain. There are several physical disadvantages of cigarettes and its death is quicker.

* ... Obesity: obesity became the mother of the disease. The patient is quickly suffering from diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and diabetes. Obesity is a major reason for man to reach the grave immediately, save it everywhere.

* ... Exercise: Exercise for man is naturally accepted by Allaah. It has many positive effects on the human body. For example, blood flow increases in our lives. This is why the risk of heart disease is reduced. Keeps weight low. Helps cigarettes get rid of. Our muscles are healthy. Strengthens the strength. Oxygen and nutrition reaches tissues. Makes heart and liver powerful. That's why we start working everyday. Bones are also powerful. There are many benefits of exercise. Remember, walking is also a kind of exercise. So exercise and talk about benefits.

* Do not drink alcohol: Our religion has stopped drinking alcohol. Now modern science is also telling that this drink is harmful to human health. It worsens liver and heart and destroys human health. Keep it off at all costs.

* ... Eat healthy foods: Food is an important factor in keeping it healthy. Experts say that humans, especially after the age of fifty years, eat more fruits and vegetables. Use meat to moderate and eat processally prepared foods at least. The biggest advantage of eating good food is that humans are avoiding obesity like acne, acne, diabetes, hypertension, and cancer.

* ... away from mental stresses, psychological problems are the most harmful to human health. So while doing daily work, even the almakan will keep away from them. Your health will remain good and you will not be able to attack the skin. Positive thinking and forgetting people's mistakes are the prescriptions to avoid mental troubles.
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