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Kuwait banned import of Indian fruits and vegetables
KARACHI: The Kuwait government banned the import of fruits and vegetable from India.

According to Kuwait's Ministry of Food Trade, Kuwait's Food Safety Committee had proposed ban on India's presence in imported fruits and vegetable virus.

According to the Kuwaiti Safety Safety Committee, the state's state of Kerala and Kerala in South India are spreading nervous virus, and nipples are a risk of both humans and animals.

In this regard, Wahid Ahmed, vice-president of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FPCI), says that the Kuwaiti government's import of Indian fruits and vegetable ban will benefit Pakistan.

He said that ban on Indian fruits and vegetables will export Kuwait fruit and vegetables from Pakistan.

Wahid Ahmed said that Napha damages both humans and animals from the virus and this virus has emerged in two states of India.

According to the British News Agency, the United Arab Emirates also banned the import of fresh fruits and vegetables from India on the last day.

This restriction was reported after the report of death of 13 persons in Naphtha in South Indian state Kerala.

It is believed that Napa virus reaches fruits and vegetables through lungs and then moves to humans and animals. The germs in this virus damage the brain.

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