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Announcement of Ali Baba's co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma
Beijing: Jack Mae, co-founder and executive chairman of a Chinese company, one of the world's leading online eCommerce companies, announced to leave its post.

The announcement of the departure from his office by Jack Mae has exposed the entire world's businesses, but leading business broadcasts have written that leaving their post is not a termination of the end, but the new era Will start

It is believed that 53-year-old Jack Ma, along with other 18 people, made the leading online trading website Alibaba in 1999.

The purpose of making this website was to deliver China's products to global markets and other countries easily. This company suffered many difficulties in the first few years, however, at that time Alibaba is counted in the world's largest online e-commerce companies and websites.

According to a report, the number of Alibaba's total time employees is 66 thousand and its assets worth $ 430 billion (over Pakistani rupees 420 billion).

Jack, where the company was co-founder of this company, he has been working on the company's highest rank, executive chairman for the past several years, and strengthened the company.

However, Jack has now announced to resign from the office of Ali Baba's resignation and he will be postponed on September 10.

According to the report, Jack now wants to work on other projects of education and human welfare instead of serving for Alibaba.

Even after being retired from the office of Executive Chairman, Jack will also be a member of the board of directors of Ali Ali Baba and will also be co-founder of the company.

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