Pakistan's new type of typhoid was again restored
The new type of typhoid in Pakistan again deteriorated on which antibiotics are being affected.

After warning about MDR typhoid fever, America warned its citizens. Referring to the new travel advice, he said that all Americans going to Pakistan are directed to vaccine typhoid vaccination.

MDR Typhoid has emerged in Karachi and Hyderabad. This is the type of typhoid that does not affect traditional medicine.

Related officials say that vaccine specifications will be started from January next year.

Multi-Drug Resistant Virus (MDR) is a type of typhoid which does not affect the traditional medicine of the disease. The disease spread from sewage lines in Hyderabad in November 2016 and then its virus spread across Karachi street coaches.

Seeing thousands of children suffer from this virus and since then, this virus has been challenged for the health department.

Looking at the situation in Karachi and Hyderabad, the US has directed its citizens to vaccine typhoid vaccine before traveling to Pakistan.

On the other hand, according to the sources of National Security Television Program, the federal government requested the Global Alliance for Wexines and Immunization (GAU) in May 2018 for special vaccine specifications of MDR, starting vaccine from January 2019. Will be done,

Sources also said that this vaccine will be included in the regular safety vaccine program from January 2020.

Doctors say that keeping the hands of the Health Health Temple, take special care of the hands and drink of the food well.

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