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Replacement of blackboards and chicks in laptop and tablet space in British schools
London: In many UK schools, the tablet, electronic whiteboard and laptop space have been introduced again to the traditional blackboard and chalk.

After a study, it has been revealed that if the traditional board is black and chalk in place of interactive electronic boards and tablets, it has better results. According to a British NGO, we are also equally beneficial for the students of this process.

On the other hand, instead of electronic devices, children and adolescents are taught in a traditional way, they learn lessons faster and their costs are also very low.
It has been used for all three years in schools across the UK and it is said that children are very benefited to teach children on slate. First, the teacher immediately finds out the answer, after which the teacher of the teacher can guide each child immediately.

Experimentally, it has also been revealed that instead of electronic devices, kids can be taught with blackboards, blackboards, only two months later the child's grade of grades increases significantly. That is, even two months, there is a clear difference in reading chak and boards, but if instances of slate for tablites make an app, they also get immediate benefits.

This survey has been done by UK's renowned educational NGO, the Education And Foundation Foundation (EEF), and in this 140 schools have started studying blackboard and chalk again.

This study included hundreds of schools and a total of 25,000 children were studied for three years. Expert education found the results of chalk and board so effective as it enables the baby's ability to hand hands. Three years later, the skills of good students were improved and the average student's performance also improved.

This is because the teacher checks the answers given on tablet later, while the answers written on BlackBerry and Slate, they are quick to check and inform the child's problems and can guide and guide the child at the same time. Is.

It is clear that Japanese experts have also said that the ability to write children with electronic devices is affected, while writing younger children at the age of nerves is well-active.
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