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Some articles are lost in the mind of the writer somewhere. Despite the availability of subject and research material, writing sometimes involves a list of "unsafe articles" in an incomplete functionality of the mind.

Recently, with such an unusual experience, I wonder why this story should be made a topic of a new article, so it is the same service.

In the absence of General Ziaul Haq, it was impossible for a Bollywood actor to appear on Pakistan Television (PTV), but it was probably 1987 when Pakistanis heard a song on Mangeshkar, who got on National Broadcasting Connect and Have seen Everybody was surprised at this unique progress. This song was originally broadcast on PTV under the SAARC Audio Visual Exchange during the SAARC conference.

Though the audio range exchange could not move forward, but I started the song, "I'm singing for Kelly (only) for you," and the lyrics are well remembered.

A few years after this incident, Teen Kumar's song "Pain" heard the song "Such Hussein Chandni was never before", then Lata ji was recited to the song that was broadcast on PTV. Of course there was something in both songs. To confirm the observation, a copy of a copy of the TV song was heard, but this song was not available anywhere. Then the time passed, and in this time, I began to feel like a song written by a lot of lyrics made by Indian musicians Khamam. In Khamam's songs, the film 'Sometimes in my heart', movie Rizha Sultan's 'Jalta Bata', 'We In The Eyes' of the movie, a little bit of foolishness, the film 'Bihar Me Jeon' The movie includes Riaz's Sultan's song 'I Zengir ji's song'. The 90-year-old Khamam's real name is obvious Hashimi and she has a relationship with Lahore.

On my observation, somebody had said that the head can be sorted up. Someone said that most of these songs are on the same rug, someone said that the music arranger of all such stories can be one, someone It was believed that recording studios or all those songs could be a record. Someone even said that my idea is wrong! However, I liked the most similarities of the GKTV song and the movie 'Pain' used to be in the film 'Pain'.

Shortly a while ago, I suddenly found LTV's song "I Cail for You" on YouTube. This song repeatedly heard and then compare it to Teen's song for a long time. Lata ji's PTV song was set up by her younger brother Pandit Haridyanath Mangshi and Teen Dae song! The style of ringing in the heads of the head, the thorns and the backs of the violins in the background seemed wonderful to me, but this confusion could not be solved!

One day the movie 'Torr' was mentioned, Teen Daiya's song, featured on Anil Kapoor, was heard on the Internet in 'Spawn's eyes'. It has come to know that musicians from this song also have Pandit Haridhiathath and then it also felt that this song matches the 'Gopiji Gopiji Gum Gum' of Khamamaha itself-produced song for the movie 'Trashol'. Although I did not agree with my opinion but this feeling of similarity was established - this was another example of amazing similarities in songs of Khamam and Haridanathi.
I was convinced that this is not just a consensus, but there is definitely an extraordinary similarity in both musicians' lyrics, or this could not have been felt again. Then once again, Panditji, another song in the movie 'Torr', "I remember you and remember me," listening to me, this self-excuse in my mind is begging. " Of course it was not even agreed!

Once again it was felt that Pandit ji's song "Watch these eyes" reminds us of some songs of self-defense, but the reason remains still for myself. So decided that Pandit Haridanath Mangeshkar Ji and Khamamah should be contacted directly by contacting him.

I first got Pandit's mobile number, got the phone and then told me my problem. 80-year-old Pandit ji carefully thought to me and said no one had asked such a question before. After stopping a little bit, I shouted and asked if there could be music arranges, studios or instrumentalists being one. I did not really like this, saying, "Mixture can be a mixture of palm trees only," the conversation was awhile and continued, but the problem remained.

Then it also came to mind that both of these musicians can think that I am blaming them. However, talking to Panditji, the arrows came out of the command. I then called the name of Khamam after taking the name of God. A lady picked up the phone and handed over the phone to Khamamah on my request. I described the issue as if I was not happy at my point. It is said that many things are similar to each other in the world but the journalists do not have to worry.

Sorry, "Do you know my brother Mushtaq Hashimi?" I replied, "Yeah," he started asking, "Where are they now?" I honestly told him that when Mushtaq Hashmi performed with PTI doctor Dr Amjad Parvez, he was in Lahore but I do not have any updates yet. Khamam said in anger: "Staying in Pakistan, I do not know about my brother Mushtaq and know me in India." Next time the lady took the phone and said that I can talk to him and The talk said can be attributed to Khamamah.

The conversation once again continued for a while and again, but thought that the statement of the wife could not have been made, namely, after talking to the two top musicians of India. Therefore, the dream of an article that could change my history, the history of music and music in the subcontinent, could not be embarrassed.

Then I received the news that I can also take a direct opinion from Lita Mangeshkar in this regard, I was surprised, and happy too!

Lata ji said, "It may be possible that a song lyrics, music or environment can be mixed with any other lyrics, but it is not possible that one of the two musicians have influenced this extent. Yes! "Lata ji said that Pandit ji has prepared songs for most Marathi films, while Khamam is involved in her favorite singing cars in Hindi Hindi films.

"Hediya Nath can go to offices of filmmakers nor keep unnecessary mail, so that their work in Hindi films is limited."

Although there is no doubt, but what is less that in the effort of resolving it, I not only discussed these two-dimensional Naz musicians from India, but I was the biggest player to get the title title in the suburbs. Beck Sanghar Lata Mangeshkar also got an opportunity to discuss!

Since that day, I have been thinking that the subject was definitely inconvenient after the encouragement of both the musicians on the question and the full support of their reaction to the reaction of Lataji. But at this time, the reader himself would tell if after talking to the person like these famous musicians and Lata G, I just kept silent thinking that I did not deal with the actual topic. I am still on my observations today, under which I believe that elements of Hediya Nath Mangeshkar and Khamam in Khamam's lyrics are also very similar to many elements by removing the heads and veins of the Khamam. I do not mind

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