The most important tool for modernization

Mobile phones invented in North America. They provide different types of services, including text messaging, mms, email, internet access, short range wireless, communication (Bluetooth), business applications, video games And digital photography. These phones are known as feature phones, which offer capabilities. The mobile phone offers very advanced computing capabilities that are identified as smartphones.

In 1973 John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper showed the first handheld mobile phone, which used a two-kilo weight handle. In 1983 Tune Telegraph and Telephone (NNT) started the world's first cellular network in Japan. Mobile phones demand increased significantly from 1983 to 2014. Now more than four billion people are using mobile phones around the world. In the first quarter of 2016, the world's best smartphone developers include Samsung, Apple and Airways.

Today, it is considered an easy tool to use a mobile phone because it has become popular for all. Her biggest advantage is that you can contact us immediately with your family and friends. Perhaps this is why almost all people today own mobile phones.

From the customer's point of view, it is clear that mobile phones help you in business, such as working schedule and staying in touch with companies. In addition, you can enjoy mobile applications, for example playing games, listening to music, or communicating with your friends.

On the other hand, there are losses, the use of a mobile phone can harm your mind. Especially children under 16 years of age do not use it. According to a research in Washington, the use of mobile phones has confirmed confirmation of cancer risks. People who use too much mobile start getting dizzy. The brain causes bleeding and causes many acne problems. In modern times, people make videos from Snap Chat (SNAPCHAT) while driving, causing an accident.

Too much use of mobile has expired in front of people. Some children start using a very wrong mobile phone. For example, using it in classroom, which has a bad effect on their education. Most people use mobile before sleeping at night, which is a very dangerous habit, as a forty-year-old man was suffering from cancer.

According to the details, this man was a habit of using mobile for thirty minutes before sleeping on the night. Due to this, his eyes were covered and he remained in pain.

Experts say that there are radicals in the mobile that damage eyes in dark or low light. This habit of staying intraocular melanoma, which can also be called eye cancer, depends on the use of mobile phones depending on whether we use more or less. We want to avoided the use of it and allocate for work only.
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