How did science change the world in 100 years?

It is said that there is a need for invention and man has made different invention on this earth to fulfill his needs after taking birth on this charity.

With the passage of time, the person received what he needed, and in science, humans helped science. Science is the name of research and discovery of human mind.

Basically science is said to know or gain any knowledge under a systematic procedure, moreover, logging on facts and tracking information based on the current information. Called science Human mind spreads the scope of thinking and needs to get things done and finally fulfills their needs by doing different ways.
As soon as it was born on earth, man looked at his survival. He adopted various ways to protect himself from earthquake and earthquake. When he was naked, he took different measures to cover.

Used for trees, but the heat and cold feeling did not end. Now his mind went to the hunting animals, he used his skins to hide his body.

However, she started using wool, cotton and silk in the dress case. Today, he uses clothes instead of heat and cold instead of science. Accommodation and food are very important in human life. In the case of a man, he traveled to the strongest houses from the caves and cooked the animal's habitat and cooked it to delicious food. Thus, the secrets of the development of the world from ignorance to the modern world is hidden in science's development. Science development has made humans grow awake. Today, this decent man is dreaming of the universe in favor of science.

If today somebody hundred hundred years ago, miraculously rising up and coming, he should be surprised to see that the problems that man had troubled man for centuries, today the man has found a great solution to them. . He did not believe in his eyes and maybe hit the surprise he would die again. The fact that scientific discoveries have changed our imagination universe in a short period of time.

In these hundred years science has come a great moment, such as discovering the DNA structure. But this discovery itself could be possible due to Darwin and Mandel and later opened the biotechnology door. Today, we can easily review the human DNA (called 'genome') of humans. It has helped us to understand how genetic illnesses are available and how they can be cured.

Recently scientists brought changes in a child's genre and eliminated the disease of the unhealthy. Today we see the world largely on an electronic screen. The computer is a source of knowledge in different forms. An extremely common thing of the era, ie, smartphone, is also a number of basic discoveries. The computer inside it works with an integrated chip.

It itself is made of integrated chip transistors, whose discovery was not possible without understanding the quantum mechanics. At the moment, computers are helping new discoveries, because of which the concept of our world is changing. At present we have machines that can learn ourselves and they are changing our world.

Inventions are morally bad or not good, our use makes them good or bad. A discovery that divided us into two parts was part of the atom; the discovery made the way to discover the world's most dangerous weapons. Science itself is the name of our quest for us and the world around us.

The same quest has also changed our ideas about our world and has also changed our lives. Today our ages are compared to hundred years ago and quality life is even better than ever. But the use of science and technology not only influenced scientists. They depend on cultural, economic and political factors. Science is a conquest of human knowledge, and its understanding and use can help us to make far-reach decisions.
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