The Geologist Robot of America left for Mars

Washington - An American robot specializing in Hammer and Cheney equipped with Geology, has left Mars to Space Rocket Lenders. There is a spacecraft in the land that is situated on the site, which will help on November 29, at Red Sea's surface, traveling with a rocket worth 30 million miles in six months.

Astronomy is in human nature and it was introduced in the twentieth century with numerous space vehicles sent to the Moon. It seems that man has gathered enough information about the moon and now focuses on other planets like Mars.

The U.S. had already left a space car to Mars in 2012, through which it was tried to find out about this red planet whether Mars had ever had any river or sea, and there a hundred years ago How are the mountains like Earth?

At this time, the mechanism of geologist intends to normalize the marble surface of the marine surface, by digging at least 16 feet to a depth of 16 feet apart from the surface of the miraculous earth or earthquake.

NASA, a US space research institute, believes that at least two earthquakes will be present every month in the presence of its geologist robot in Mars.

Detail of the expected quota of robot on Mars
NASA Chief Scientist, Jim Green says that experts know that the earthquake remains on Mars. But, this time, it will be tried to find out how much the potential to sustain large earthquakes in the Mars planet. In this regard, the most important device in the space car is the Siemeterometer or earthquake scale, which has been created by France's Space Research Institute.

NASA says that when its machining biologist arrives at Mars, the temperature will be 70 degree Fahrenheit or 20 degree centigrade in daytime, while at night the temperature will fall to a low degree of 73 degree Celsius. According to Jim Green, these information are very important because in future, when human beings go to Mars, they will have the ability to bear such a change in temperature.

In addition, this robot will also investigate the interior and structure of Mars. From this research, NASA will also try to gauge when sending human spirits to Mars. NASA has set up 2030 human trafficking programs to kill Mars.

NASA's space carrier will be on Mars for 26 months, which is equivalent to Mars one year.

This rocket lender was dropped from the Wendenburgh Air Force Base, California instead of its traditional base. This is the first time a base of US coastal coast was used to dispatch a space rocket.
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