Pooja Bhatt was a horrible addict of alcohol, a father's message changed lives

Pooja Bhatt was a horrible addict of alcohol, a father's message changed lives.

Pooja Bhatt was born on February 24, 1972 and today he is 46 years old. Pooja Bhatt is the daughter of director-producer Mahesh Bhatt and started her Bollywood career with 'Daddy (1989)' at the age of 17. The story of the film was about drunken father and daughter's relationship. But interestingly, Pooja Bhatt himself has been a victim of alcohol addiction in real life, and a message from his Daddy Mahesh Bhatt played an important role in getting rid of this addiction. Pooja disclosed this in an interview some time ago. Along with Aamir Khan, his 'heart that did not believe' was a super hit.
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Mahesh Bhatt Message was:-

Pooja Bhatt had told in an interview that Mahesh Bhatt had messaged her on December 21, 2016 and both of them started talking about the current condition of the country. Keeping the phone, Mahesh Bhatt said to Puja, "I love you Daughter." Pooja's reply was, "I love you to papa. There is no more to me than this beloved in the world. He replied, "If you love me, then love yourself, because I live inside you." Just this thing changed the direction of his whole life, and a message from Daddy helped him overcome the addiction of alcohol. Before the shooting of 'Cabaret', then there was a talk of the past for alcohol addiction, Pooja Bhatt.
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Pooja Bhatt has given many hits with father Mahesh Bhatt. There are films like Pooja Bhatt's 'Dil Hai Ke Manata Naa (1991)', 'Road (1991)', 'Sir (1992)' and 'Then Teri Kahaani Khaat ((1992)'). However, his other films could not make him a big success at the box office. Pooja made the film 'Sin' as a director in 2003, which failed at the box office. He also could not achieve a big success as a director. Sunny Leone was launched in Bollywood by her film 'Jism 2'.